How do I Create Custom Combination Locations for a Map or Report?

Aimee Carson -

Combination Locations are locations that you create by combining multiple existing locations. For example, you might be interested in grouping two or three ZIP Codes together into one catchment area, or grouping several counties together into one sales territory. In this example, we will combine several ZIP Codes within central Boston, MA.

Note: Before following the below steps, make sure that the locations you want to use are available from your Recent or Favorites menu (on the Locations Panel):


  1. To create a Combination Location, first find the first location you want to add to the combination in Steps 1 and 2 of the Locations Tab.

  2. After selecting a location, click the Create Custom Location check-box.

  3. Click the Combination Location button.

  4. Select New Combination from the Combination menu. This will open the Create New Combination Location window.

  5. Enter a name to describe your location in the Name field

  6. In the Add Location section, use the Select From menu to choose a location from either Recent Location or Favorite Locations.

Use the Choose Location menu to select a location to add to the combination location.

  1. Click Add Location. The location will appear above in the Locations section. Note the original location you choose in step 1 will also be listed.

  2. To add additional locations to the combination location repeat step 6 - 7.

  3. When finished, click Save. This will close the Create New Combination Location window.

  4. Click Use This Combination. The map or report tab will update to show the new combination location. The location will also be added to the Custom Locations list on the Locations Panel.

Map of Custom Combination Location - Central Boston:


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