How to Create a Standard Report

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Click the New Tabular Report button at the top of the SimplyMap window. Select Standard Report. You will notice there are several other types of reports as well.

Click Launch Standard Report Wizard; the on-screen instructions will walk you through selecting the first location and variable for the report. Once you have completed the wizard steps, follow the steps below to add more variables or locations to the report.



To create a report without using the wizard:

1. Browse for a Variable by clicking on the Variables Panel:



Click a variable name to add that variable to the report. You will see an indicator that the variable has been added.

For additional options, mouse over a variable in the list and the Action Menu will appear, allowing you to add the variable to the map, add the variable to your favorites, change the year, or view metadata.

Mouse over a variable and the Action Menu will appear. Click to use this variable through the Action button or simply click on the variable name. You will see an indicator that the variable has been added.

TIP: Add entire groups of variables to the report at one time by selecting Use All Variables from the Action Menu on the variable category folder.



2. Browse for a Location by clicking on the Locations Panel:

TIP: For future reports you can access recently used locations and variables by selecting Recent from the Locations and Variables menus.

Follow the steps in the Locations Panel to select a location:  

  • Step 1: Find Location By: Select the appropriate location type from this dropdown.
  • Step 2: Enter additional detail as prompted to find the location (state/province, city, county, ZIP/postal code, congressional district, census tracts, block groups, dissemination areas). 
  • Step 3: Click Use This Location to proceed and you will see an indicator that the location has been added to the report.

The Locations Panel will not close automatically when you select your location.  When you are ready to view the data in your report, click the  icon to close the Locations Panel.

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